Terezia Abraham

I am looking to tell stories of everyday events through temporary, intrinsic details that seem unnecessary, yet inevitable, and very much part of our social experience. Through these stories I wish to unveil the mystical, universal truth that hides behind mundane daily routines. I consider drawing my main discipline due to its accessibility and directness. Drawing mediums have the immediate quality that accelerates communication with the viewer and the ability to record life on paper as a first-hand experience.
My practice is greatly informed by Buddhist teachings, psychoanalysis, folk art and nature. Artistically I consider Paul Klee, Mira Schendel, Gabriel Orozco, Mark Rothko, Marina Abramovich, Joan Eardlely, Charles Avery, Gemma Anderson, Phoebe Bosswell, Eva Hesse and the Hungarian Avant-Garde as my main sources of influence.

BA in Fine Art and History of Art (Teaching) with Cultural Management (Joint degree)
University of Szeged, Juhász Gyula Faculty of Teacher Training 2002 - 2007

2011. 'SW9 - Tribute to Brixton' The Angel, London - organised by Open Doors
2011. 'Front of House on the Walls' Gallery on the Corner, London
2012. 'Wake' Nolia's Gallery, London
2012. 'Front of House on the Walls vol2' The Bear, London

2012. Book covers for Maximilian Spera
2014. Merchandise design for the Móra Ferenc Museum
2015. Safety booklet for the London School of Economics and Political Science
2016-2019. 'In Transit' - contemplative conceptual project involving buses and movement.
2019-2020. Intuitive drawings for Mopomoso jazz ensemble
2020. Sound journeys with Michael Medones

tereziaabraham(at)gmail.com - - 07826074100