The drawing project I am currently working on reflects on the time we spend on public transport, especially on buses. This is a significant experience for many Londoners yet remains unappreciated, seen merely as necessity, even as a chore. In this project, I magnify this part of our life and focus in on the unreproducible, ephemeral nature of these everyday journeys.

As the pencil/pen follows the movement of the vehicle on the paper, the images become abstract interpretations (or data) of bus routes, the state of the road and even the mood of the driver. To highlight the random nature of these journeys I use different types of leftover paper, and accidentally choose the tools at each ride to enhance the character of the experience. I follow an unplanned route, getting on and off at arbitrary stops, and taking the first route that arrives. Each drawing is numbered, with the start and end points of each ride marked.

The questions I would like to find answers are
1.) whether the nature of the line-work of the small drawings would be mirrored on the London map once I connect these bus routes (as the structure of the atom reciprocates the Solar System), and
2.) to what extent could I get playful in such a masterfully organised system, such as TFL, playing by their rules and using their facilities.

I find this an extremely liberating process, as I never know where the next unplanned bus-ride will take me. I have to go with the flow and I would like to invite the viewer to enjoy the visual result of this practice of mindfulness. screenshot small.jpg
The connected lines of bus routes so far...
1.route 15
2. route 12
3. route185
4.route 32
5.route 172
6. ruote 453
7.route 148
8.route 24
9. route360
10. route 414
11. route14
12. route85
13. routeK2
14. route281
15. route65
16. route190
17. route391
18. route295
19. route9
20. route92
21. routeE3
22. route70
23. route52
24. route28
25. route302
26. route52/2
27. route266
28. route207
29. route207/2
30. route607
31. route427
32. route483
33. route92/2
34. routeE6
35. route105
36. route120
37. routeH37
38. route190
39. route430
40. route74
41. route19
42. route55
43. route205
44. route388
45. route63
46. route1
47. route381
48. route188
49. route180
50. route9
51. route181
53. route422
54. route89
55. route132
56. route286
57. route108
58. route108
59. route276
60. route425
61. route308
62. route97
63. route230
64. route76
65. route214
66. route46
67. route393